Elegance with the best performance

The excitement you feel when all eyes are on you, that thrill of speed, that flame of exertion and the glow of victory.

It is for and with our heroes that we develop the best skates in the world, with the utmost attention to performance, innovation and elegance, to offer them the means they need to achieve their dreams, transmit passion and share their emotions.

Embrace the challenge

Whether for the Olympics or a personal challenge, what unites our heroes is not their level or the medals they’ve won, but their dreams, desires and strength to pursue their goal and overcome any obstacle.

Elevate your performance

Perfecting their movements and technique day after day to make every element elegant and harmonious. Risport has been at its athletes’ side, studying the best skates for over 50 years, because the athlete is our starting point.

Perfect balance between heritage and innovation

Our heritage is the custodian of our values. For us, respect for tradition means withstanding time and not being subject to passing trends. Years of experience in this sector with the highest level champions have helped us channel our heritage to face the challenges and changes needed to keep innovating in line with tradition. 

This is why we strongly believe that the key to facing the challenges of the future is the perfect balance between innovation and heritage